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Featured on ABC6 News Columbus, learn how Dr. Erik Hensel and Dr. Craner of Active Edge Chiropractic & Functional Medicine helped Kayleigh Scott not only get total pain relief from her post concussion headaches, but also avoid an expensive neck surgery procedure!

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“Before I began taking the Metagenics products advised by Dr. Hensel, my blood pressure was averaging in the high 140’s over low 90’s. My physician made it very clear if this condition didn’t improve he would have me on Liptitor in the very near future. After a month of taking Cardiogenics Intensive Care, Super Garlic 6000 and EPA/DHA 720 capsules, my BP dropped to 125/79!! On my last visit to my physician he was very surprised at the BP readings, and simply said to continue to do what I was doing because it was working.

At the same time I also started using the Ultrameal Plus 360 twice daily, as part of my new lifestyle diet, I lost 9 pounds in 30 days, felt more energetic and had an overall better sense of well being. I have been able to maintain this loss and plan on losing an additional 10-15 lbs over the next 2-3 months. I highly recommend Dr. Hensel’s heart health program and the Metagenics line of products. If you take them properly, they work great!”

-Bob E.


"I came to speak with Dr. Craner about a pain I was having in my shoulder. As she was investigating the cause of my shoulder pain, she asked if I had been getting headaches which led to a discussion about the jaw pain. For about the last month I’ve had to crack my jaw every morning when I woke up. It hadn't occurred to me that headaches and jaw pain would be things she could help with, but Dr. Craner explained how they were each related and then treated me. My shoulder felt much better after she worked on me and these last few mornings after treatment are the first mornings in a long time that I didn’t have painful cracking in my jaw when I woke up. I really appreciated the time Dr. Craner spent explaining everything to me. You can tell she really cares about her patients. The best part is that I feel huge relief already and have only had one treatment. Highly recommend!"

-Joni P.


“This summer I was experiencing extreme pain in my shoulder that left me with an almost useless right arm. It was bad enough I was dropping things and I was positive I was headed for surgery… I met with Dr Hensel to see if he could at least relieve some of the pain I was in until I could get looked at by my primary Doctor. After going through some of the motions I couldn’t do and what I could he determined it wasn’t a tear at all. …After one session I felt a lot better and had more movement than I’d had in over a month. Three weeks later and some follow up advice and I feel almost 100% again… I’m back in the gym and feel almost no pain now when working my shoulder even when playing racquetball. I’ve been to other Chiropractors and I felt either rushed or leaving with almost no idea what the cause was or prevention methods. When Dr Hensel asked me about other pain I mentioned a few problems with my knee and he discovered my hips were out of line as well. I had no idea that a Chiropractor could do anything with a bad knee and would have never thought to ask. Dr Hensel had a great professional manner and really talked me through what was going on and genuinely was as happy as I was about how well it went. Without pause I would recommend Dr Hensel and Active Edge Chiropractic to anyone dealing with pain.”

-Wyatt C.


“I had been experiencing an increasing numbness in both of my feet when I first discussed this problem with Doctor Jasmine… I thought it was a result of wearing poorly supported shoes. She began by adjusting my feet and toes which helped a whole bunch. Next she started treating my “tarsal tunnel” and prescribed a variety of exercises. I continue to do the therapies and am very happy to say that the numbness is nearly gone.”



"I finally found Dr Craner through a referral from a friend. I was having extremely debilitating pain that the medical profession had trouble diagnosing or treating. My doc finally sat me down and told me “we aren’t very good at soft tissue pain”. I saw six different Md’s over the course of a year, had an MRI, physical therapy, steroid injections, WITH NO RELIEF! Thank goodness for Dr Kraner. She took the time to look at me, she watched me move, and gradually got ME moving again. She stretched me, adjusted me and gave me exercises to do at home. I have referred many people to her with good feedback. I hope and pray I never get laid up like that again, but if I do she is my first resource."

-Robin S.

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