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Concussion & Post Concussive

Concussions have only recently been recognized as a potentially life-altering/life-threatening problem. Traditional medical options, outside of medication for headache, have been limited to recommending rest and, for athletes, advising against return to play.

The REAL Issue:

Your body is designed to move. When you get injured (traumatized) any part of your body that was involved – including your head can’t move. You can rest, but this causes your body to “heal around injury” especially with a concussion (head trauma.)

football player being examined by a doctor for a concussion
doctor examining an X-ray of a patient's skull

Give Your Body It's Best Chance to Heal

The problem gets aggravated because the areas of the concussion – including the brain, skull and possibly even neck – are NOT functioning like they’re supposed to. The concussion doesn't allow for the normal physical action of your body to occur.

Frankly, medication and rest may not be enough.

Active Edge will work with you to get everything “working together” again. Manipulation, exercise, physical therapy, massage – even diet – may be needed to give the body the greatest opportunity to completely heal – depending on your specific circumstances.

The bottom line is that Active Edge can help with the direct results of the incident that caused the concussion and reduction or elimination of any pre-concussion issues.

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