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Whiplash & Auto Accidents

Car accidents can cause a myriad of soft tissue injuries and subluxations. The result of such injuries can include vertigo, pain, decreased range of motion, and affects on your daily activities.

Often, the symptoms take a few days to set in after the accident or the pain will “go away” for a period of time before returning more severely than initially. This presentation is especially common with whiplash and when left untreated, the pain can persist, cause a number of other compensatory injuries, and even become permanent.

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Resolve Neck & Back Pain

Whiplash associated with car accidents is a major cause of neck/back pain. According to the research, whiplash can happen in motor vehicle accidents as slow as 5 mph!

Whiplash symptoms can remain hidden for weeks after an accident, but studies have shown that the sooner you start chiropractic care after a motor vehicle accident, the better you will feel in the short term, and the fewer long-term symptoms you will experience.

At Active Edge Chiropractic our goal is to return your musculature and joint alignment back to, if not better than your pre-injury status. We address all aspects of your injuries simultaneously to return your muscular balance, joint motion, strength, and overall function.

Catch Threatening Injuries Early

Just because they didn’t diagnose it in the ER doesn’t mean it’s a not a problem.

It is important to remember that emergency room doctors are focused on ruling out fractures, bleeding, or other life threatening conditions and fail to fully access the soft tissue injuries and ensuing loss of function. And rightfully so. If those things aren’t caught early, they can be life threatening. So ER docs are great at making sure you live to see tomorrow. We’re here to make sure that the quality of life you have tomorrow and for the next 60 years is what you want it to be.

You insurance company may offer you an early settlement- Don’t take it.

Yes, this will put money in your pocket for immediate use, but it will not be enough to pay for your medical bills once you begin noticing pain and discomfort. Even if you’re not feeling pain, it’s important to get evaluated by a professional who regularly deals with soft tissue injuries to fully assess the extent of damage to your range of motion, tissue quality, and your function.

woman with neck pain

Common Whiplash Symptoms

It is common not to feel pain immediately after an accident. Though you may begin to experience discomfort more quickly, it can take up to a couple of weeks to begin noticing pain related to a car accident. The most common symptoms following a car accident are neck pain and headaches.

woman with jaw pain


hypersensitivity and neck pain


radiating upper and lower back pain


woman impared by mental stress


man feeling dizzy and confused


woman fatigued feeling tired and her neck hurting


man with a headache from straining his eyes


woman with anxiety issues


Get Started with a Full Body Evaluation

Chiropractic care consisting of adjusting, mobilizing, soft tissue repair and functional retaining helps return your body to its correct and comfortable position as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, targeted nutritional support helps accelerate healing of inflammation and soft tissues to decrease pain and restore function even more efficiently. Most importantly, addressing your collision in trauma this way reduces the likelihood that you will develop compensation patterns, thus prevent chronic pain and future recurrences.

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