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Pec Release

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Today we will be focusing on the anterior side of the shoulders, releasing the pec muscles. These muscles are universally overworked, not only those who go to the gym, but also those who sit at a desk and are constantly having their shoulders rounded and their head forward. Because of this, a lot of pressure points can be created in the pec region.


Proper position to release the muscle is going to be in a door frame with a lacrosse ball. During the demonstration, Dr. Hensel is shown using a squat rack instead of an open door frame. Place the ball first in the middle of the pec, 2 inches inside the nipple and 2 inches above. It is important to keep the knees bent, in a ready position, in order to put as much force into the ball as possible. Dr. Hensel is shown in the picture performing the release the correct way. To mobilize the muscle while performing the release, the patient should perform a fly motion, bringing the arm forwards and backwards.


Stretching the pec can be achieved through 3 different paths. The first stretch being performed is for the pec-sternal region, or the bottom half of the pec muscle. Dr. Hensel is shown here, with his arm high on the squat rack. The arm can be brought down to shoulder height in order to achieve a pec major stretch, and then even further to stretch the higher pec-clavicular region near the clavicle.

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