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How Balancing Your Hormones is an Effective Way to Manage Migraine Symptoms

Tens of millions of people suffer from migraine headaches in the United States, with migraines affecting women more so than men. Additionally, migraines tend to manifest as people get older, again, with a focus on women. Although common, migraines are unique in that the cause of painful migraine can vary from person to person. Examples…

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Suffering from Fall Allergies?

Fall Allergies Got You Down?

We know that nobody wants to go through the constant congestion, sniffles, and everything else that fall allergies bring. Today, we are here to show you two simple supplements that we recommend to our patients that suffer with wide ranging allergy symptoms. Also, these supplements are great at reducing the same allergic effects that our…

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What is Functional Medicine? Dr. Erik Hensel

 Hello everyone, I’m Dr. Erik Hensel with Active Edge Chiropractic & Functional Medicine in Columbus, Ohio. Wanted to take a minute to just explain a term that a lot of people have heard out there, and even a lot of people that haven’t. What is Functional Medicine? Whole-istic Functional Medicine There’s a lot of different…

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How We Treat Hiatal Hernia

STRUGGLING WITH ACID REFLUX? A lot of our patients come into the office with the symptoms of hiatal hernia, but have no clue that they are suffering from this condition. The severity of this condition can be wide ranging, from very mild to clinically diagnosed and scoped. Some reasons that people suffer from hiatal hernia…

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How to Stay Healthy on Car Trips

This month we are back with a post on how to keep healthy during vacations or long car trips. Our doctors, Dr. Erik Hensel and Dr. Jasmine Craner each give their two top tips on how to best maintain your health during these situations. Dr. Hensel’s Top Tips 1) Plan ahead. Dr. Hensel’s biggest tip…

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Pec Release

Hello everyone, Today we will be focusing on the anterior side of the shoulders, releasing the pec muscles. These muscles are universally overworked, not only those who go to the gym, but also those who sit at a desk and are constantly having their shoulders rounded and their head forward. Because of this, a lot…

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Low Back Pain

Today we will share some lacrosse ball stretches and releases for low back type pains. One of the biggest things that we have to understand is that pain does not always come from the location that you’re feeling the pain. A lot of lower back pain comes from the anterior (stomach side) of the spine.…

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Hip Pain & Sciatica Release

Today we will be sharing how to release localized hip pain along with sciatica with a lacrosse ball. The muscles that we will be releasing are the glutes, the piriformis, and lastly the sacrotuberous ligament. These muscles are shown in the diagram to the left. The sacrotuberous ligament is shown under the diagram of these…

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Posterior Shoulder Pain Release

Alright everyone, Today we are back with a video concentrating on the posterior (back side) shoulder. We have a lot going on back here, including the scapula, and the infraspinatus, which is on the back side of the scapula. This muscle causes a lot of numbness and shooting pain down the arm. It is also…

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