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Our Signature Approach

We believe that it is critical that you know and understand your body and how it works.

Learning about the physical structures and physiological processes of your body means that you can make informed decisions and choices that affect your health.

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Our Mission

Until we have an empowering experience that allows us to see the repairing power of our own bodies, most of us don’t realize our true healing potential. Fulfillment of this potential requires the right tools and resources, knowledge of what those are, and a little effort.

Our signature approach harnesses your body’s amazing ability to heal. To do this, we combine elements of education, alignment, balance and retraining to create patterns and habits you can maintain for life.

With our signature plans:

  • Our doctors and staff act as mentors to Educate you and guide you every step of the way
  • Simultaneously, we’ll address
  • Alignment for optimal neurological communication
  • Balance for optimal function
  • Retraining for optimal performance

Addressing these elements simultaneously gives you the right tools to heal efficiently and thoroughly so that you can Maintain the vitality you’ve achieved, prevent future recurrence, and proactively sustain your health.

These programs are highly successful, individualized, and comprehensive.

They often include a combination of functional medicine and the Active Edge brand of Chiropractic care as improvement in one area fuels recovery in the other.

And most importantly, our signature programs require you to commit to yourself as fully as we commit to you and your success.

They are not for everyone, but if you are accepted into the program, you will experience health you didn’t realize you were missing.

Continue reading to learn more about how each element of our programs can have components of chiropractic, functional medicine, or both.

Our signature approach combines education with results-based treatment to help you get better and stay better.


Understand your complex and amazing body in a way that makes sense and empowers you for years to come. 



Chiropractic care supports the nervous system and kick-starts healing.



Opposing forces work together to keep us moving and well inside and out.



Correct bad habits and poor movement patterns for long lasting results.



Get healthy, stay healthy, and set new goals!


What Our Patients Are Saying

Take Back Your Health


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