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Functional Medicine

Functional medicine empowers your body to be as amazing as it was designed to be by identifying and addressing the underlying cause of your complaints.

Why just turn off the check engine light if it's going to come back on tomorrow unless you change the oil? It might take a little longer, but shouldn't you just change the oil before your car breaks down for real?
Whether your check engine light is chronic pain, indigestion, consitipation/diarehea, blood pressure, or something else, let us help you figure out what's making it come one so you can avoid breaking down! You'll be driving like a new car in no time.

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Customized Treatment

In functional medicine, the doctor takes time to get to know the patient through a complete history, considering different factors such as genetics, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices that impact health and contribute to chronic diseases.

By taking this personalized approach, we are able to create individualized treatments catered to each patient.

Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle medicine is the evidence-based practice of helping individuals and families adopt and sustain healthy behaviors that affect health and quality of life.

Dr. Hensel’s extensive knowledge of the body and the root cause of disease allows the combination of Functional & Lifestyle Medicine to be the best opportunity for patients to reach optimal health.

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Condition Treatments & Improvement

How Functional Medicine Will Help

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Obesity/Weight Loss

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Digestive Problems

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Blood Sugar Regulation


Sports Nutrition


Hiatal Hernia

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H. Pylori

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