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Empowering Our Patients

"It is our goal to be your community health advocates by providing natural health care, education, and opportunities that empower you to be healthy and active."

Read More to find out why our patients say care from Active Edge is different than anything they’ve experienced before and learn about our signature approach that has helped so many people regain their edge on their health and performance.

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Dr. Craner putting pressure on a patients back to relieve pain
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Erik Hensel reviewing supplements with patient

We Utilize An All-Encompassing Approach

Active Edge Chiropractic is a full service Columbus chiropractic health center.

We take a whole body approach, offering nose to toes care to help our patients become and stay as healthy as possible.

In fact, we are one of very few Columbus chiropractor practices to combine traditional chiropractic principals with neuromuscular and fascial movement based rehab as well as functional medicine. 

Though not every patient needs all of these services, having the full array of options at our disposal in our Columbus health center allows us to personalize your program and get your best results.

Our vision is to be your health resource. We’re here to empower you and your family to become healthier and live more vibrant lives. We do this through a combination of one on one therapies in the office as well as offering free health seminars to companies, groups, and at various events around Columbus.

Treatment From Head To Toe

Functional Medicine addresses the CAUSES of less-than-optimum health, particularly chronic problems.

We do a comprehensive assessment of both your physical health (bones, muscles and other structures) and physiological health systems (how your body functions.)  Adding functional medicine to treatment by our skilled Columbus chiropractor team allows us to go deeper and address the underlying issues of instead of merely treating symptoms.

Assessing both your physical and physiological health allows us to create the best program for your unique body. Your physician will evaluate structure, balance, movement, fatigue, digestion, sleep cycles, energy levels, eating habits, and more.

Your detailed history allows us to uncover underlying problems or conditions that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. This information in combination with your treatment goals, allows your physician to work with you to create a personal treatment program for your body’s specific needs.


doctor treating a persons foot pain

Optimal Function for Optimal Health

When combining numerous techniques such as; advanced soft tissue techniques, structural alignment through chiropractic adjustments, rehabilitation programs, and functional medicine we create a program to balance, align, and retrain your body to help you maintain optimal function and optimal health.

Our progressive physicians and trained staff utilize a combination of therapeutic soft tissue techniques, physical rehab, functional medicine, health education, and chiropractic adjustments to return patients to health as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Using multiple treatment modalities simultaneously allows us to create individualized programs to help your body heal faster and stronger than traditional treatment styles. Additionally, our personalized home programs and proactive wellness plans give our patients the edge they need to prevent future re-occurrence.

Our skilled team can help with:

  • sports injuries
  • auto injuries
  • headaches
  • migraines
  • carpal tunnel
  • arthritic pains
  • back pain
  • neck pain
  • whiplash
  • digestive issues
  • numbness and tingling
  • TMJ and other jaw conditions
  • plantar fasciitis
  • rotator cuff tears and strains
  • hip pain
  • shoulder pain
  • performance enhancement
  • ankle sprains
  • low energy
  • sleep disturbances
  • tennis elbows,
  • IT band syndrome
  • knee pain
  • inflammation
  • generalized soreness
  • and much more

What Our Patients Are Saying

Carrie B
Carrie B
10:15 25 Sep 19
After one session I have experienced some much needed relief from the relentless pain I was enduring. I know it will be a journey to wellness, but I am hopeful once again.
Amir Mohammed
Amir Mohammed
07:05 30 Aug 19
Dr. Hensel is an awesome doc. I had a sciatica nerve in my back that was hurting me for weeks. One visit to dr Hansel and I’m back to normal! What a life saver. Thanks 🙏🏻
Jennifer Spokas
Jennifer Spokas
17:09 21 Aug 19
These chiropractors actually know what they are doing. I have been to a couple others in Columbus but found that you truly get what you pay for. It's the same with most things, really. You get what you pay for. If you are suffering from any ailments, aches, pains, nervous system problems, etc. or need nutritional testing and advice, don't hesitate to call AE. You will leave with a realization that they actually care about you and you getting better.
Amy Maynard
Amy Maynard
13:56 10 Aug 19
Dr. Hensel is great. He really gets to the root of the problem. He fixed the sciatica issues that I had been dealing with for years. It took some time, but I am now pain free.
Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore
13:35 30 Jul 19
Active Edge is an absolute gem in the Columbus Community. I have never experienced Chiropractic care like this and between me and my husband we have experienced a lot of different practitioners over the years. Dr. Craner and Dr. Hensel, a dynamite married duo, are extremely talented and care in ways that are above and beyond. I am beyond grateful to have found them. Move aside insurance, this is worth every penny we pay and it’s still reasonable. My body is getting a complete overhaul. I hold a lot of stress and tension in my shoulders and upper back, was in a minor car accident about 18 months ago which left me with some early onset carpal tunnel and am carrying 7-10 extra lbs. I was feeling worn down physically and emotionally, and just a few months ago received a depression diagnosis because of how “off” my body felt. I’m only 36 and am in decent shape. I felt despondent before I came here and now I feel like I am an active participant in feeling energized, strong and healthy. My carpal tunnel has improved significantly in just a couple of months and I am blown away by how many little discoveries Dr. Craner has made in my body to help heal me at a more profound level than anyone I’ve met. We’ve even addressed my posture, how I work out, and exercises to correct small movements that can have a huge impact in how I move and feel. Please check them out. They are incredible.
Preston Moore
Preston Moore
20:31 10 Jul 19
Hands down the best chiropractic practice I’ve ever been to. They are attentive, creative and practical from a functional health perspective. I love that they are so thorough and willing to do so many adjustments. Most chiropractors I’ve been to, and I’ve been to a lot around the county, tend to make all the same basic adjustments. I know they love what they are doing because Dr Erik and Dr Jasmine can’t wait to start working on me and help me feel better. PS. Dr Erik and Dr Jasmine, get you butts moving and start putting videos on YouTube!!! The peeps need to see what I’m talking about instead of reading it in a google review!!! ; )
Eliot Veith
Eliot Veith
17:14 26 Jun 19
I came to Active Edge after months of unsuccessful or barely successful treatment of dizzy spells. The spells consisted of visual problems, sensations of motion, and a severe feeling of being off-balance. Dr. Craner performed a two hour examination in order to try to determine a cause of the problem. Dr. Craner gave me her full attention and constantly informed me as to the purpose of everything that she was doing. She was able to find a possible cause and I walked out with an at-home treatment plan. In the two weeks since my appointment and continued at-home treatment, I have not experienced any symptoms. As a side note, it is a great and comfortable office!
Jeffrey Pearcy
Jeffrey Pearcy
21:53 31 May 19
Dr. Craner has created a relaxed well-appointed treatment environment with your wellbeing & recovery in mind. I give Active Edge 3 thumbs up!
Barb Mindel
Barb Mindel
13:21 15 Mar 19
I've been working with Dr. Hensel since late summer and couldn't be happier. I feel fantastic and have lots of energy.
Margaret Johnson
Margaret Johnson
02:59 20 Feb 19
Dr. Hensel and Amanda were very welcoming and helpful. I liked how Dr. Hensel listened carefully to me and remembered what I shared which was evidenced by his comments, questions, and suggestions. And I especially enjoyed his friendly hug.
Jake Wilch
Jake Wilch
02:41 19 Feb 19
Absolutely love these guys! They are so very personable, comforting, and always give the very best of care. I personally have used countless chiropractors in my past spanning over a couple decades, and have found that the typical chiropractor simply cracks and pops you and cya next week type of thing. Not so with active edge chiropractor. They focus on healing the patient as a whole so that the fewest number of visits needed are provided. I have used them for a chronic back pain dating back to my highschool years, which has been rectified! They also helped me with a shoulder injury and whiplash I received after a very bad car accident. At this time, I am very pleased to report that I have zero pain from the accident. When I was in a financial strain and struggled to keep my bills paid, they still cared about healing me instead of me needing to pay everything up front. They have not harassed me for payments at all and simply accept that which I am able to do. Absolutely amazing family business with impeccable professionalism that I will most certainly recommend to ANY friends or family!
Amie Horan
Amie Horan
14:55 24 Jan 19
Whether I go in with a specific issue or just for a maintenance adjustment, I always feel better walking out than I did walking in.
Todd Ramming
Todd Ramming
18:01 15 Jun 17
I am very impressed with everything I have learned from Dr. Hensel. His insights on what I need to do to make certain muscles work properly when exercising have been very beneficial.
Gino Petitti
Gino Petitti
14:58 23 Apr 17
I just wanted to update my review, Dr. Jasmine and Dr. Erik of course are still simply awesome at what they do! They truly care for your health, and you are going to be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive chiropractic and functional medicine & wellness practice in town. Not only have they been doing a great job with helping me recover from many old sports injuries / surgeries, but their detox / clean eating plan paved the way for over 60 lbs of weight loss! Thanks guys - I recommend you to everyone!
Greg Ventresca
Greg Ventresca
14:40 12 Apr 17
Anyone that frequents chiropractors knows that only a few have the ability to really get it done right. Fortunately, I have only needed adjustments a few times in Columbus and each time, I wasn't thrilled so I kept looking. Optimistically, I contacted Active Edge based solely on rave reviews online. Amy (scheduler) accommodated me on short notice. Dr Erik took his time with diagnostic questions and movement exercises, then used unique techniques (my ab muscles?) to put everything back into place. Absolutely a flawless visit. My search stops here.
Kylie Britton
Kylie Britton
13:59 22 Mar 17
Everyone is so friendly. Amy was very nice and welcoming when I walked in, she offered me coffee and tea and gave me a tour of the facility which I really appreciated her taking the time to do that. Dr Ryan Cahall spent a lot of time with me and I didn't feel the slightest bit rushed. I could tell he genuinely cared and wanted to help me with my very painful neck strain. I will be going back for follow up. Seems like a really great place- would definitely recommend to friends!
Alayna Gnizak
Alayna Gnizak
13:35 08 Mar 17
As always, Active Edge Chiropractic is amazing!! They are extremely good at their job! Everyone is very energetic and enthusiastic! They made a point of getting to know their clients by name and engage in conversation. They have knowledgeable staff that can answer questions; if they don't know the answer off hand, they will research it and get back with you! I am very very satisfied with the staff!
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