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Wellness Care

At Active Edge Chiropractic, we encourage our patients to take their health into their own hands by investing in their health and well-being long-term.

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Protect Your Future Health

Pain is the last symptom to show up and the first symptom to reside when your body under stress. In addition to the home exercise programs, we recommend to prevent re-injury, we encourage our patients to receive regular adjustments and soft tissue work to address any problems as they arise. Furthermore, taking advantage of the nutritional counseling, personal training services and group fitness classes we offer in addition to our treatments help propel you further towards your optimal function and optimal health.

Start With the Right Nutrition

We proudly partner with Metagenics to bring you nutritional supplements that act as the first line of defense in the prevention and treatment of disease.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Start Living Your Best Life


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