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The Migraine Epidemic

Millions of people are affected by migraines every year. Migraines can be a very debilitating type of headache presenting with a sharp throbbing pain behind the eye and extreme sensory sensitivity.

We help patients identify and avoid triggers as well as treating the physical symptoms through adjustments, specific massage techniques, and rehabilitative exercise.

woman with a migraine headache

Our Comprehensive Treatments

We help patients identify and avoid triggers in addition to treating the physical symptoms.

Headaches, though very common, are not normal. They can present with varying location, frequency, duration, and severity. They can be triggered by stress, light, food, dehydration, weather, hormones, posture or a myriad of other daily encounters. In short, every headache is unique.

woman getting a neck massage and adjustment


internal balance with healthy eating and nutrition

Internal Balance

neck muscle assessment

Muscle Work

Dr. Craner using postural retraining to treat back problems

Postural Retraining

doctor reviewing an x-ray for bone damage

Creating a Treatment Plan

Even the most debilitating headaches are often preventable with the right treatment plan.

At Active Edge Chiropractic, we love the challenge of working with headache patients! Our comprehensive assessment and treatment style allows us to pin point the cause of each patient’s headaches and in most cases relieve them.

Even the most debilitating headaches are often preventable through specific muscle work, adjustments, ergonomic evaluation, and muscular and postural retraining.

Start With the Right Nutrition

We proudly partner with Metagenics to bring you nutritional supplements that act as the first line of defense in the prevention and treatment of disease.

Love Your Health, Love Your Life


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