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Every move your body makes, from digestion to walking is controlled by the nervous system.

Our bodies are amazing. They are designed to adapt so that if we’re injured today and need to run from a wolf tomorrow, we can. It only takes us about two weeks to develop a compensation pattern that reduces our awareness of an injury so that we can be ready to defend, save, or feed ourselves if danger should arise.

Our bodies are designed to make it to tomorrow and aren’t so concerned with 20 years from now. If we can’t make it through tomorrow, it doesn’t matter that the compensation we developed today will cause degeneration in our knee, or shoulder or back.

Just like it’s a lot easier to stop smoking after one pack of cigarettes than it is after 40 years of chain smoking, the longer a problem persists and the longer your body has been using its current processes or patterns, the longer they take to break.

Trainer doing posture exercises with patient
Retrain muscles using physical therapy

Restore Basic Health Patterns

This principal of retraining from the root of the problem and restoring basic pathways and patterns applies to your systemic health as well. 

Often, the two are interrelated. For example, a gall bladder doesn’t just get sick or develop stones overnight. That happens over a period as a result of continued insult to the digestive system or prolonged deficiency of certain minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. Gall bladder stress can easily present as chronic shoulder pain before you ever knowing you have an issue with you gal bladder.

Another example: If you’re in a constant state of stress, your body recognizes that this isn’t a great time for you to reproduce, so it steals from your reproductive systems to feed your stress coping systems. This may present as migraines, brain fog, chronic pain or a host of other physical complaints.

In each of these cases, identifying all underlying elements is essential to restoring balance. Once that first step is achieved, retraining means re-establishing healthy patterns and habits are essential for long-term wellness and prevention of relapse or future recurrence.

Retraining at Active Edge Chiropractic includes rehabilitative exercises specific to each patient.
Our physicians evaluate muscular strength, balance, and firing activity in conjunction with movement patterns, form, and flexibility to retrain and reinforce other in-office treatments such as massage and adjustments.

Additionally, we empower our patients to take their recovery and health into their hands. Through education and home rehab programs, we give our patients the edge they need to heal efficiently and prevent further injury.


Our signature approach combines education with results-based treatment to help you get better and stay better.


Understand your complex and amazing body in a way that makes sense and empowers you for years to come. 



Chiropractic care supports the nervous system and kick-starts healing.



Opposing forces work together to keep us moving and well inside and out.



Get healthy, stay healthy, and set new goals!


Enjoy the Life You're Living


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